The Lilwiiviewer is the older son of the Wiiviewer, who is featured in an amount of videos only second to that of his father.

He is often called upon in videos hosted by the Wiiviewer for the Wiiviewer's want of a "younger opinion," such as in his Pac-Man review, but the majority of the rest of the time, the two host reviews together or with the Littlestwiiviewer.

Personality (in the videos)Edit

The Lilwiiviewer often makes somewhat "wise guy" remarks, like things about how old his father is (mainly during the Legend of Zelda Let's Play). However, he is always making humorous jokes and adding a whimsical element to the videos.

Occasionally, the Lilwiiviewer expresses a certain desire for video games to be easier, such as Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, to typical protests from the Wiiviewer. Still, he seems tolerant of any challenge as shown by his usual recommend of a "Buy" of sometimes "Rent" for such games as the previously mentioned one.

Yoshi's StoryEdit

The Lilwiiviewer did his own Let's Play series for Yoshi's Story, a Nintendo 64 game on the Virtual Console and the first game he ever played (and beaten, I assume). The Let's Play was shorter than the others, but it was mainly due to the short length of the game.

Surprisingly, the Lilwiiviewer made no cameo appearances in the Yoshi's Story review for the VC, and it was reviewed solely by the Wiiviewer, although he did mention his son.


  • In one live chat, the Wiiviewer concluded that if he had another son who was to be part of the reviews, the Lilwiiviewer would take the title "Wiiviewer Jr.", while the Littlestwiiviewer would become the Lilwiiviewer.
  • Interestingly, the Lilwiiviewer said in another live chat that he enjoyed the game Trackmania, and made a point of saying that it was fun, but it is yet to be reviewed.